Travel Deals and All-Inclusive Vacations


Did You Know?

Americans forfeit 417 million vacation days each year because they simply forget about them, or do not have time to use them by the end of the year. Don’t let that happen to you! Elm Grove travel, Milwaukee’s premier travel agency, can suggest vacations of any length, to any destinations, doing whatever you like to do, usually finding the most efficient options of direct travel from Milwaukee. We have destination specialists, Accredited Cruise Counselors, wedding planning specialists, family travel specialists and a staff of experienced travel agents with no less than 9 years of experience in the travel industry. Let us help you use ALL of your vacation days each year.


Do It Yourself?

Many of you like to surf the net and look for vacation packages. But, you worry that the site is not reputable or the offer is too good to be true. You also fret about running into a problem during your vacation – who could you turn to for help? Let Elm Grove Travel solve that problem for you. We have numerous links to sites that we know are safe and reputable with tour operators we trust and with whom we have long standing relationship. Let our relationship with them work for you. You can book your own vacation, but have the peace of mind that there is always a “human” agent that you can call to ask questions and ask for advice. Take a look at our many links? Book if you like what you see, and the tour operator sends the confirmation to our agency. One of our agents then reviews it for you to see if there is anything better that they would recommend or simply monitors what you have chosen and makes sure that you have thought of all of the intricacies of your destination, i.e., proof of citizenship, visas, inoculations, car rental, cancellation insurance, and much more.


Know It All?

No one can possibly know it all, but Elm Grove Travel has specialists who know more than most about specific vacation destinations. Listed below are just a few of their specializations:

Authorized Disney Travel Planner (A distinction that only a few US agents have achieved): Amy Frank

Great Britain Specialist (Program sponsored by the British Tourist Authority): Dennis Rajchel

Costa Rica Specialist: Chris Hoff

Club Med Specialists: Betty Durso, Amy Frank

Hawaii specialists Training sponsored by Hawaiian Tourist Board: Wendy Reineck, Amy Frank

Wedding Planning Specialist: Amy Frank, Chris Hoff, Shelley Kavalary

Honeymoon Specialists: Jenny Cagle, Amy Frank, Chris Hoff

Europe Specialists: Dennis Rajchel, Betty Durso

CLIA Accredited Cruise Counselors: Wendy Reineck, Amy Frank, and Shelley Kavalary